2700 Semiautomatic Pallet Strapping Machine

Semi-automatic and portable strapping machine for the vertical strapping of pallets

  • Design and technology Reisopack using the highest european quality components.
  • Aluminium head set and tension roller treated to ensure long life of the machine.
  • Tension adjustable through a clamp to get the strongest tension.
  • Electronic control of the launching, tension, heating and cutting of the strap.
  • Launching of the strap according to the quantity previously determined or manual launching until obtaining the length desired.
  • Use of polypropylene or polyester straps.
  • Equipped with electric adjustment of the cooling after sealing to get a better sealing quality.
  • Ideal for the vertical strapping of blocks, bricks and pallets of carton boxes of all kind of products. Especially useful for the strapping of big boxes on a pallet such as bicycles, motorcycles…
  • Norms of security: CE.
  • Unfolded lance to put the strap under the pallet.
  • Avoid losses of products during transportation.