2901 Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

Horizontal strapping machine with automatic corner applicator, easy and user-friendly set up. Ready to be built into a complete automatic line.

  • Own technology and manufacture using European components of highest quality.
  • Easy memorization of the different heights of strapping by pressing a button when the machine is in the desired position. Possibility of saving 10 different heights in 10 different programs.
  • Automatic corner applicator.
  • Pressing system in the arch to compact the loads and guide the strap.
  • Corner application air system by means of 4 telescopic L-shaped arms, adjustable to the size of the pallet.
  • Adjustable tension by means of high-tension clamp system.
  • Reisopack model 1900 aluminum strapping head ensures long life of the machine.
  • Approximate production of 50 pallets/hour with 4 corner boards and 3 straps.
  • Security system with inversion of the motor direction.
  • Failure warning lights.